Sun Basket – Dinner #3

This is the final of three – a series of dinner reviews of the popular meal delivery service, Sun Basket. I have been eye’ing these companies for a while now, and recently decided to give a couple of them a try!

So….. here’s dinner #3 – Thai turkey lettuce cups.

 This was the picture on the recipe card:




My final product


The Pros:

  • Super easy to make.
  • Delicious mixture of flavors.
  • New ingredients – I’ve never cooked with lemongrass paste, the main seasoning for the turkey in this recipe.  Lemongrass paste is a mixture of lemongrass, fresh ginger, fresh garlic, turmeric, olive oil & salt.  Really made a difference in the turkey, which is otherwise pretty blah.
  • The pickled carrots added an acidic punch to the lettuce cups.  Yum!
  • We like spicy, so the sambal oelek was delicious!  The instructions stated to add as much as you like, or none at all.  We added it all & could have used more!

The Cons:

  • The only thing we didn’t care for in this recipe was the Thai dressing.  It was too watery, making the lettuce cups extra messy.  We ended up omitting it altogether.  Their Thai dressing consisted of fish sauce, lime juice and maple syrup.

Nutrition Facts Per Meal – 700 calories, 43 g carbohydrate, 38 g protein, and 7 g fiber.  Amounts of fat, saturated fat, sodium & cholesterol were not available.  Gluten Free & Paleo.

Links to the other Sun Basket Meals Reviewed –

Disclaimer:  I was not paid to write these reviews, however, Sun Basket did provide the meals boxes free of charge.  If you’d like to try Sun Basket – here’s a code for $30 off your first order – DRJBSB30

Author: drjennbowersnutrition

Dr. Bowers is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with 25 years of experience in clinical nutrition, education and health promotion. Her down-to-earth philosophy is "All foods can fit!"

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