14 Nutritionist-Approved Eats

Stuck starving in an airport or out running errands?  What to do?!  Check out my Reader’s Digest article with the top choices for breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner at Starbucks, Panera and Chick-fil-a!

14 Nutritionist-Approved Eats



Create Your Own Healthy Dishes!

So, your Grandmother’s recipe for macaroni and cheese is true comfort food, but not the healthiest dish in the world, right?!  Now and then, a little indulgence is fine.  But, when a particular dish is something you make and enjoy often, lightening it up a bit would be a wise decision.  Check out this article for some tips on how to do just that!

The Diabetes Council


5 Habits Sabotaging Your Diabetes Control

Make sure you steer clear from these eating habits ruining your glycemic control.  Check out this recent article I wrote guiding you away from those negative choices!  #client

5 Diet Habits To Avoid

10 diabetes snacking mistakes to avoid

8 Grocery Shopping Mistakes

10 diabetes snacking mistakes to avoid

You may go to the supermarket with exceptional intentions….. only to be derailed.  This article was written with diabetics in mind, but I believe everyone can glean some helpful hints.  Hope you enjoy it!

Grocery Shopping Mistakes


10 Mistakes Diabetics Make Eating Out

Face it, we ALL eat out nowadays…. and not just for special occasions!diabetes-eating-out-mistakes-to-avoid-768x469

Check out the article I wrote linked below…. most of these principles apply to people who do not have diabetes as well!

What eating out challenge do you face?

Eating Out Mistakes to Avoid



16 Lunches for Kids with Diabetes

It’s back-to-school!  Here in southern Arizona, the kids have been back in school for a couple of weeks.  Back in the east coast, they start after Labor Day in early September.  I suppose throughout the country in between, school begins in the middle of that time span!

Packing lunches can be challenging – you want the kids to eat healthy, but you don’t want everything to come home uneaten with their stomachs growling and their moods grumpy!  When your kiddo has diabetes, even more serious complications can happen if that lunch isn’t eaten.  Carbohydrate content is essential in meal planning for people with diabetes.

Along that note, I recently published an article on The Diabetes Council website that provides 16 new ideas for healthy, carbohydrate controlled lunches.  It’s particularly aimed for the student living with diabetes, but any kid (or adult!) can benefit from these ideas.

I hope you enjoy it!

What is your go-to lunch to pack for your child?

16 Healthy Lunches for Diabetes


Does Timing of Meals Matter with Diabetes?

  • Does it matter if you eat three times each day?

  • Does it make a difference if the meals are all the same size?

  • Should you make sure that you eat at the same time every day?

Here’s a little article I wrote to help clarify why people with diabetes need to pay attention to the timing of their meals…..

The Diabetes Council